jueves, 15 de octubre de 2009

To take care of the environment from the house

Do you know where to reject the oil of the fritters or of all the food that you fry(annoy) in oil, facts in house? Maybe if, but always it is good to spread an information as this one. Though we do not cook many fried food in oil, when we do it, we throw the oil used in an outlet, truth? This it is one of the major mistakes that we can commit. Why do we do it? Simply because there is nobody who explains to us how to do it in suitable form. Being LIKE THAT, the better(best) thing that we can make or recommend to do is:
1. - To wait (If, to wait, though it takes little mas of time) to that the secondhand(worn) oil is cooled.

2. - To place the oil of waste in a bottle of plastic (as those of refreshment).

3. - To close It and to place it then in the normal garbage.

A LITER OF OIL CONTAMINATES NEAR A MILLION LITERS OF WATER! This quantity is sufficient for the consumption of a person for 14 years. If your you choose to realize this practice, the environment was remaining very grateful. Ultimately, it(he) is good for all.

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